R & D

The company has designed its R&D programmes with the following goals:

Continuous quality improvement by enhancing technology and processes.

Process improvement for cost reduction and quality enhancement.

Exploratory research to develop new product lines and markets.

Development of environmentally favourable new products and processes a facility authorised by DSIR for the past two years.

Full-fledged Lab

PFSCL firmly believes that a quality laboratory for R&D and quality control is the most important factor in sustaining long-term growth in the industrial sector.

The PFSCL Lab is equipped with:

  • GC-01 Agilent Technology Series: 7820A
  • UP-Spectro-01 Thermo Scientific Series: EVOLUTION 201
  • IC Metrohm 761
  • HPLC-01 Shimadzu LC – 2010C
  • HPLC -02 Agilent Technology 1260 Infinity II
  • UV-Color Spectro Premier Color, Series: SS5100H


PFSCL has developed a Pilot Lab to ensure the finest quality of the end products.

The Lab is equipped with:

  • Stainless Steel Autoclaves (35 bar pressure) – 2 Ltr / 5 Ltr / 600 Ltrs
  • 100-litre stainless steel reactor equipped with a distillation column and condenser
  • Mild steel reactor, 100 ltrs
  • Mild steel rubber-lined reactor, 150 ltrs
  • Thermic fluid reactor – 1000 calories
  • Vacuum dehydrator rotor
  • Centrifuge
  • Stainless steel Autoclaves/hydrogenator (150 bar pressure)-5 ltr
  • Filter nutsch.

Manufacturing Facilities

With long-term goals, PFSCL has developed advanced manufacturing facilities:

  • Chemical Complex I & II , with an area of 8,800 square metres and an installed capacity of more than 600 metric tonnes per year, at Viramgam, Gujarat, India

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