Vallabhbhai R Savalia is an accomplished professional with a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering (B.E.) and an excellent 34-year career in the chemical industry. His extensive experience spans across both production and marketing, making him a versatile leader in this dynamic field. In his current role as Executive Director at Paragon Fine and Specialty Chemical, Vallabhbhai plays a pivotal role in directing production, planning, and purchase activities. The company, known for its excellence in manufacturing specialty chemicals and custom-made products, benefits greatly from his strategic guidance and leadership. One of Vallabhbhai’s key strengths lies in his invaluable connections with technocrats, which have served as the backbone for the successful development of innovative new products. Beyond his professional achievements, Vallabhbhai enjoys socializing and believes in straightforward thinking, a quality that adds transparency and efficiency to his work.

Dr. Pravinchandra Vasolia brings a wealth of experience and expertise to our team as the Managing Director of Paragon Fine & Speciality Chemical Limited. With a Ph.D. degree in law and an impressive 32-year career in finance management, he is a driving force behind our success. In his role as Managing Director, Dr. Vasolia administers critical aspects of our operations, including purchase, finance, and management. His extensive knowledge and strategic acumen have been instrumental in guiding our company toward financial stability and growth. One of Dr. Vasolia’s standout strengths lies in his exceptional skill in liaising with key stakeholders and industry partners. His ability to build and nurture relationships is a cornerstone of our collaborative approach.

Kishor Patolia, our Executive Director at Paragon Fine & Specialty Chemical Limited, brings an impressive legacy of 24 years in the chemical industry. His journey has been marked by a profound commitment to the field of marketing. As an Executive Director, Kishor leads our marketing efforts with unparalleled expertise and a knack for creative strategies. He possesses a rare talent for innovative marketing approaches that have propelled our company’s growth and reputation. Kishor’s dedication to building lasting relationships extends beyond our company’s walls. With his exceptional PR skills and deep connections within the chemical industry, he has nurtured valuable partnerships that have contributed significantly to our success.

Dr Rutesh V. Savalia, our Director at Paragon Fine & Specialty Chemical Limited, With Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from the prestigious Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai (formerly UDCT),is a dynamic leader with a unique blend of academic excellence and practical expertise. Rutesh holds a Master of Science in Chemistry from the renowned Indian Institute of Technology (IIT-ISM Dhanbad). With a rich background in research and development spanning four years, Rutesh leads our marketing initiatives, new product development, and new business ventures. His dedication to innovation and progress has propelled our company forward. Notably, Rutesh is a recipient of the esteemed Prime Minister’s Fellowship for Research, a testament to his outstanding contributions to the field. His comprehensive understanding of chemistry and remarkable business acumen form the cornerstone of our success. Rutesh’s ability to grasp the intricacies of each situation and act accordingly is a testament to his leadership prowess. Under his guidance, Paragon Fine & Specialty Chemical Limited continues to thrive as an industry frontrunner, driven by a potent mix of science and business expertise.

Shivam Patolia, our Director at Paragon Fine & Specialty Chemical Limited, is a dynamic leader with a global perspective and a unique blend of educational excellence. Holding a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Pittsburgh (USA) and a Master’s in Investment & Wealth Management from Imperial College London (UK), Shivam brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our team. Despite his relatively short tenure of almost a year at Paragon, Shivam’s impact has been significant. His multifaceted expertise spans marketing, production, and business development, contributing to our company’s growth and success. Shivam’s innate knack for engineering and finance complements his global perspective, making him a valuable asset to our organization. His vision and leadership have already left an indelible mark on Paragon Fine & Specialty Chemical Limited.

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