Ink Dyes Intermediates

Best Ink Dye Intermediates

There is no doubt about the fact that the ink dye intermediates are going through a tectonic shift with the technological advancements. At Paragon Fine and Speciality Pvt Ltd (PFS), we always believe in staying a bit ahead of our peers. This is the reason why we don’t miss a chance to evolve ourselves and keep our services relevant to the changing demands of the customers.

Our flawless service and a constant strive to bring something new has made us the best ink dyes intermediates manufacturer. At PFS, our customers get high-quality products and immaculate services on a consistent basis as we always provide the best dye intermediates.

The overall market of ink dye intermediates is on the rise, especially in economies such as India. The realm of ink dye intermediate manufacturing is expanding at a rapid pace as it is used in many industries such as printing inks, paper, textiles, plastics, etc. Thus, to provide services related to the wide range of demands, we at PFS specialize in solvent ink intermediates and ink dye intermediates.

Ink Dyes Intermediates



CAS NO: 148-25-4